Hotel Guestroom

With lighting control, air conditioner, curtain, DND/MUR control in a single bedside control panel. This is very important to the hotel guests for user friendly and easy control for these devices in the guestroom.

A Welcome mode and Away mode can also be preset. Turn off all lighting, turn down fan speed for the air conditioner in order to save energy for the guests are away.

  • Guestroom Control
  • Lighting Scene Control
  • AC Control
  • Curtain/Blinds Control
  • Multi-Media Connect
  • Guest Access Control
  • Energy Efficiency

Timer Schedule


Time-based control systems are the most cost effective method of ensuring that interior lights are OFF when the facility is not occupied. Multi-channel time clocks offer the designer the convenience of creating unique schedules for different areas. Different time-based OFF sweeps can be provided for general office areas, corridors, common areas, lobbies or different tenant spaces.

Mood Lighting


Lighting Control Systems by helping to create different numbers of lighting scenes. By adjusting the lighting dimming level in order to achieve mood lighting effect to suit different atmosphere such as Romantic, Party, Dining, Movie environment.

Energy Saving


Building Automation Systems can control Lighting and Air Conditioner by using Timer and Sensors in order to achieve energy saving purpose. By installing motion sensor can helping to turn off the lights and air conditioner automatically if no one in the room. The lights and air conditioner will also turn off automatically at preset define time slot.